Convocatoria Feria del Libro infantil Bologna 2010

How to take part
Am I eligible to enter?
The Exhibition is open to:
- illustrators, including professionals and newcomers, submitting unpublished works or works published in the last two years
- art colleges submitting projects produced by their students in the last two years of study
- publishers presenting their illustrators

How do I take part?

Send by15 October 2009 to:
Illustrators Exhibition
- Fiction--- Non Fiction

BolognaFiere Spa
Piazza Costituzione 6
40128 Bologna - Italy

- application form
- 5 illustrations (fixed number) unpublished or published after 1st January 2008, identified by the relevant labels on the back.

Maximum size:
Fiction 32 x 42 cm (or 42 x 32 cm)
Non-Fiction 50 x 70 cm (or 70 x 50 cm)

Illustrations in larger formats will not be considered, nor will they be returned by BolognaFiere.

Entry to the Exhibition is free and entitles you to a pass granting you admission to the 2010 Bologna Children's Book Fair.
Rules of entry

1 - AIMS
The aims of the Illustrators Exhibition, staged as part of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, organised by BolognaFiere and held fin March 2010, are to bring illustrators and publishers together and to promote illustrators and their work among publishers.

Individual illustrators or groups of illustrators of any nationality, provided they were born prior to 31st December 1991, whose artwork is intended for use in children’s books, are eligible to enter the Exhibition, either directly or through publishing houses or schools.
Entrants must send their submissions to:
Illustrators Exhibition
BolognaFiere Spa
Piazza Costituzione 6
40128 Bologna - Italy:
• Confirmation of entry and Biographical notes (Catalogue Data), to be completed in Italian,
English, French or German. Please specify on the application form whether you are entering work for the Fiction or Non Fiction Category. Illustrators may only enter one category (Fiction or Non-Fiction).
• Five original illustrations (fixed number), unpublished or published after 1 January 2008, in black and white or colour, produced using any technique, including computer graphics (in case of mixed technique, please send both original drawings and printouts of the ultimate artwork). Artwork previously submitted to the Exhibition may not be re-entered. The illustrations must be based on the same theme and must be numbered from 1 to 5 (labels enclosed) in the desired order. The number of illustrations (5) is mandatory. Submissions of any other number of works will be rejected.
The confirmation of entry must be filled in and a photograph attached, then submitted together with illustrations no later than 15 October 2009.
Artwork received after this deadline will not be considered.

Entries may be delivered by post, express delivery service or by hand.
From abroad, please use the following forms:
Form “A” for registered mail
or parcel post by air;
Form “B” if using an international forwarding agent
or airline (preferably landing at Bologna).
To avoid delays, material should not be sent from abroad by normal post or freight groupage. Material should be sent “carriage paid”, inclusive of any customs and delivery costs. To facilitate Italian customs operations, the wording “illustrations of no commercial value” should be specified on the forwarding documents.
Illustrations with declared value for customs purposes exceeding US $ 50 will be refused and sent back to sender.
BolognaFiere may not be held accountable for the non-arrival or late arrival of artwork.

The illustrations (i.e. the size of the sheet) must not exceed the following dimensions:
32 x 42 cm (or 42 x 32cm)
Non Fiction:
50 x 70 cm (70 x 50 cm)
Illustrations in larger formats will not be considered, nor will they be returned by BolognaFiere.
The illustrations must be on paper or flexible board, maximum thickness 2 mm (for scanner separation purposes).
If illustrations on stiff backing are sent, BolognaFiere will either detach the illustration, at the artist’s risk, or print slides, at the artist’s expense. The illustrations must be sent without passepartout or any other form of mounting. BolognaFiere will mount the artwork, as it deems appropriate.
All published works must be accompanied by a declaration bearing the ISBN number, publisher’s name and address.

All artwork received by the stated deadline (15 October 2009) and meeting the specified requirements will be examined and selected by an international panel (whose decision is final), comprising five members (from publishing houses and art schools) appointed each year by BolognaFiere.

Each illustrator selected by the Committee will be granted two pages in the Annual, for the reproduction of all or some of the illustrations as well as a space in the appendix to the Annual for the photo and bibliography.
BolognaFiere has the right to choose the works to be published in the Annual and to make complete or partial reproductions.
BolognaFiere may not be held liable for errors or omissions.
While the illustrators remain the sole owners of their artwork, they acknowledge the non-exclusive right of BolognaFiere to:
– reproduce their illustrations in the Annual and on posters, leaflets and other Exhibition literature and also in any other medium (CD-ROM, CD-I, on-line systems);
– publish or republish all or part of the Annual in Italian or other languages and to grant these same rights to third parties in any place and without time limit and anyway for the duration of at least twenty years;
– use in any form, including separately and by concession to third parties for whatever purpose, reproductions of the illustrations printed in the Annual or in other Exhibition publications. The reproductions will be accompanied by the name of the artist, the subject and the source of the work.
The illustrators undertake not to advance claims in respect of the reproduction, publication and use in any form of their artwork by BolognaFiere, whose intention is to promote around the world the artists featured in the Exhibition.

After the Bologna event, the Illustrators Exhibition will travel to Japan under the supervision of JBBY. The Illustrators Exhibition may subsequently be transferred to other venues in other countries.
The Illustrators hereby relieve BolognaFiere from any and all responsibility in respect of damage or loss that the illustrations might sustain during their stay abroad as well as on their outward and return journeys. The exhibitions of illustrations held abroad are subject to the same rules and regulations as the Illustrators Exhibition, and the provisions of the regulations are extended to the organisers of the exhibitions held abroad.

Illustrators selected for the Fiction and Non-Fiction sections: all the works by featured in the Illustrators Exhibition will be returned to their owners by BolognaFiere or directly by the organisers of the exhibitions held abroad by the end of July 2011.
Illustrators not selected for the Fiction and Non Fiction sections (resident abroad): The artwork may be returned in
one of the following way
* collected in person during the Illustrators Exhibition (March 2010) from the Exhibition Office;
* sent by registered mail on presentation of a written request by 31st December 2010, at BolognaFiere’s expense.
After this deadline, the illustrations will not be returned.
The illustrations selected and displayed may not be returned or replaced during the Exhibition.

The participant expressly releases BolognaFiere from any responsibility and third party claims related to the contents of the artwork he/she is submitting for the Exhibition.
Besides, the artist/school/publisher hereby releases BolognaFiere and the organisers of the exhibitions abroad from all liability for damage to submitted works (including theft and fire) incurred during transport, while held at the exhibitions or while being returned.
BolognaFiere nevertheless ensures that the greatest care will be taken with the return of the works by forwarding agent or by mail, even though it may not be held liable for any damage occurring during the transportation.
BolognaFiere will however take out an insurance policy covering the works selected for the event against damage, fire or theft for the duration of the exhibition.
Each illustration will be insured for a maximum sum of € 250.00, which may be increased by the illustrator at his/her request and expense.

BolognaFiere may cancel the Exhibition or change the dates thereof. By submitting the application, the artist accepts and acknowledges the Exhibition Regulations and all the rules that BolognaFiere may introduce. Relations between BolognaFiere and the illustrators are governed by Italian law. Any disputes will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Italian courts and to the sole competence of the law court of Bologna.

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