Convocatoria para Beca en The Illustration Academy

* Receive a full scholarship to next summer's (2011) Illustration Academy four week immersion program.
* Host: The Illustration Academy/TAD


The Illustration Academy es un programa creado por The Art Department, The
Visual Literacy Program y Conceptart.org con el fin de proveer una
revolucionaria forma de educación artística para sus alumnos. The Illustration
Academy se ha asociado con Talenthouse.com con el fin de otorgar a un artista
interesado en asistir al programa, una beca para el curso intensivo de verano del
2011 el cual durará cuatro semanas. Todo lo que los aspirantes tienen que hacer
es crear una ilustración que será usada en una campaña promocional, “Call for
Portfolios” (Convocatoria de Portafolios), con el fin de atraer propuestas de
quienes deseen asistir al The Art Department, www.theartdepartment.org, en el
2010. El tema es abierto pero deber ser acletable y también debe comunicar una
clara idea del concepto “Call for Portfolios”. Más información aquí

The Art Department, uno de los fundadores de The illustration Academy,
(www.theartdepartment.org) es un programa educacional universitario de 30
meses que se ha asociado con Talenthouse para ofrecer La Beca Talenthouse y La
Beca del The Art Department a artistas pertenecientes a la comunidad de
Talenthouse.com. Lo único que artistas aspirantes tienen que hacer es presentar 3
piezas del mejor trabajo artístico que tengan. Se adjudicarán una beca de $45,000,
lo cual corresponde a una beca completa, cuatro medias becas de 22,500 y diez
becas parciales de $11,500. Esta es una gran oportunidad a la cual todo artista
debe participar. El programa empezará en Julio del 2010. Más información acerca
de esta oportunidad aquí (solo dos semanas mas para participar)

The Illustration Academy, conceived by the world renowned faculty behind The Art Department, The Visual Literacy Program and Conceptart.org, are offering a chosen Talenthouse member, the chance to win a scholarship to their intensive four-week Illustration Academy summer program, that utilizes total immersion to shorten the learning curve for aspiring artists.

All you have to do is create an illustration that will be used as a promotional "Call for Portfolios" for submissions to attend The Art Department www.theartdepartment.org in 2010. The subject matter is open, but must be palatable, and should help to communicate the idea of "Call for Portfolios".


Target Group Illustrators

Selection Criteria Invite your friends and fans to vote on your submission! Once the voting period ends, the selection process will take approximately 1 week. Representatives from The Art Department will choose the winner from the top voted submissions.

Upon selection, The final file should be delivered at 300 dpi, RGB at 8" x 10". Please allow for a 1/4" bleed and the placement of type around the image. A credit line will accompany the artist's work on the site.

The Illustration Academy is being offered in two locations- Kansas City, Missouri, and Richmond, Virginia, unless otherwise noted. The two programs will run concurrently and the winner will be able to choose between either location. The award is for the 2011 Academy tuition only. The winner will be required to secure travel and accommodations themselves (inexpensive dorm space is available through the Academy)

Submission requirements Submit your work in .jpg format (up to 10MB) Please allow for a 1/4" bleed and the placement of type around the image. Provide your name and title of the piece in the "Title" field when submitting and a brief written description (one paragraph or less) of your solution, in the "Description" when submitting.

Artist biography
A New Vision for Art Education
 The Art Department (TAD) is an innovative art school designed by industry leaders to develop artists into their greatest potential and prepare them for a successful career in today’s digital world. TAD’s goal is to transform art education from traditional classroom learning to real-world training from some of the most successful artists practicing in the industry today. TAD faculty are focused on doing whatever it takes, for however long it takes, to help students develop into the best artists they can be and to create a portfolio that is going to bridge the gap between the student and the professional. www.theartdepartment.org

The Illustration Academy was founded to impart the best and most relevant illustration information to students. During the Academy, students will learn through both hands-on instruction and lectures about illustration, problem solving, ideation, narrative story-telling, composition, drawing, technique, figure drawing, portfolio promotion, business, contracts, research, reference, copyright and much more from both full time Academy faculty and high profile visiting instructors. Working in an open studio environment, faculty stand side by side, working one-on-one with students throughout each step of the process. Focused and immersed, students are pushed to create pictures in a deeper, more intelligent way than they ever have in their lives. Faculty also participate in figure drawing sessions and demonstrate creating artwork in front of students each week.


What is a Creative Invite?Established and respected artists launch Creative Invites (CI`s) through Talenthouse to find and support new talent. An CI challenges our artistic community to submit ideas or concepts for a new, creative and typically collaborative artistic endeavour that is sponsored by our established artists. CI`s are as diverse as the Talenthouse community itself and span everything from recording new tracks with well known musicians, to designing new fashion lines for renowned designers, to auditioning for film or television projects.

How do I participate in an Creative Invite?All artists are invited to peruse our CI page to find projects that appeal to them. When you find an CI that you want to submit your work for, click on that specific CI page. From there, simply click "Submit" and follow the instructions.

Who is eligible to participate?Anyone. If you are a member of the Talenthouse community, you are eligible to submit your work to any CI.

How is the winner selected?The Talenthouse community votes for their favorite submissions to any particular CI. The finalists are those who receive the highest number of votes. Typically, the artists who hosted the CI will select the winning artist from these finalists. In other instances, the hosting artist may look beyond these finalists to the entire pool of submitted work to find the winner.

How many artists enter?The number of participants for any given CI varies and depends on the interest of the project in the community. There is no maximum or minimum number of entries for an CI.

Is there always a winner?Typically, there will be a winner for each CI. However, if none of the submissions meet the hosting artist`s expectations or project vision, no winner will be selected.

How many times can I enter?You can only submit your work to a particular CI one time. There is no limit to the number of CI`s you can participate in.

Will I get paid if I win?Talenthouse does not provide any monetary compensation to CI winners. If the project has any financial component, the terms of that arrangement will be negotiated and agreed upon by and between the hosting artist and the CI winner.

What will I get if I don`t win?All CI submissions are available for viewing by the entire Talenthouse community. Because the Talenthouse community consists not only of undiscovered talent but also of industry leaders and established artists, each submission grants you the unique opportunity of global exposure for your work and talent.

Do you own the intellectual property rights to my artwork?Talenthouse`s mission is to liberate all artists. Thus, Talenthouse does not retain any ownership rights to your artwork except a very limited right to use certain materials on its website and in its marketing documentation (see, the Terms of Use). As part of the Creative Invite process, the host of the Creative Invite may request additional ownership rights in your artwork as a pre-requisite to winning the Creative Invite. The host may also seek to work with you outside of the Creative Invite process. In any event, the rules for each Creative Invite are different and you should read them carefully before participating. The property rights a host obtains from the winner are set forth in the rules.

How long will Talenthouse publish my submission?Submissions become part of the project and as such will remain on your profile for as long as you maintain one. Should you delete your profile, Talenthouse will continue to publish your submissions in connection with the CI for up to twelve months.

After the CI is over, will the Talenthouse community still be able to view my work?Yes. Your submitted work will be viewable on your profile and also, should Talenthouse choose to use it, could be viewed on other locations on the Talenthouse site.

Can I launch my own CI, even if I`m not an established artist?Anyone and everyone can suggest an idea for an CI. Talenthouse will review your ideas. If your suggested CI is in tune with Talenthouse`s mission and vision, we will publish it on the site.

How do I launch my own CI?Presently our website has a Suggest button for CI`s. Clicking on this button will allow you to suggest an idea or concept for a CI. Once submitted, Talenthouse will review your ideas. If your suggested CI is in tune with Talenthouse`s mission and vision, we will publish it on the site. Additionally, we are developing an automated feature whereby all artists will be able to submit and sponsor their own CI. You can also send your suggestion as an E-Mail to "invite-ideas@talenthouse.com" with the subject "My Artist Invitation idea for Talenthouse".

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