The River Thames Competition

Category: Illustration
Deadline: March 23, 2011

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London Transport Museum, in partnership with the Association of Illustrators, is delighted to announce the 2011 Serco Prize for Illustration.

This year, the theme is the River Thames and entries should feature the river as a central feature of London and London life. It is the task of entrants to create an illustration that draws attention to the benefits of the river.

All artworks should be in portrait format. London Transport Museum prefers that artworks conform to actual or pro rata standard sized: Double Royal – 635 x 1016mm (25 x 40 inches) or Double Crown – 505 x 760mm (20 x 30 inches). However, for this exhibition these sizes are not prescriptive.

Transport for London has a strict policy of avoiding reference to any political, religious or sexual topic. In addition, Transport for London is never associated with weapons or favours one charity over others. If people are included in the artworks, it is important to remember the ethnic and cultural diversity of London, and make provision accordingly.

Artists are required to submit their own caption (in no more than 50 words) to explain the rationale and inspiration for their artwork.


The competition is open to all AOI member or non-member illustrators and students of illustration. Agents or colleges may only submit entries on behalf of the illustrator with the express permission of the artist.


The top three entries will receive a monetary award (first prize £2000, second prize £1000, third prize £750) and may be used in an advertising and promotional campaign run by London Transport Museum.

The top 50 entries will be displayed in an exhibition at London Transport Museum that will open in May 2011.


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