Freedom to Create Prize

Freedom to Create Prize
July 30, 2011

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The Freedom to Create Prize is a celebration of the courage and creativity of artists, and the positive influence of their work to promote social justice and inspire the human spirit.

Entrants are invited to submit examples of their creativity in one of the following categories:

• Main Prize, open to individuals or artistic groups in all creative fields over the age of 16.
• Imprisoned Artist Prize, focusing on artists who are currently imprisoned for their artwork.

Entries for the Freedom to Create Main Prize and Imprisoned Artist Prize will be evaluated by a panel of distinguished judges based on the following criteria:

• The creativity of the artist in pursuing the freedom to create and conveying their message for social justice.
• The courage and/or personal risk the artist has demonstrated in pursuing the freedom to create while promoting their work.
• The subject matter of the artwork and its relevance to a particular social issue.
• The creativity the artist has displayed to demonstrate how art can influence change.
• The extent to which the artist embodies the vision, mission and values of Freedom to Create.

There is no entry fee.


The Prize is open to all forms of art, in any creative field and any individual or group of any gender, religion or nationality.


A total prize fund of 100,000 USD will be awarded to the winning artists and their nominated advocacy organisations to further the cause their artwork has highlighted.

• Main Prize: the first place winner will receive US $50,000 which will be shared with an organisation nominated by the winning entrant to further the cause the artwork has highlighted. The first runner up will receive US $15,000. The second runner up will receive US $10,000.

• Imprisoned Artist Prize: the prize of US $25,000 is awarded to one winner, to be directed towards securing the artist’s release, advocating on behalf of them and their cause and offering support to their family.

Winners of the 2011 Freedom to Create Prize will be unveiled in November 2011, at the Freedom to Create Award Ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa.


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