China International Poster Biennial 2011

China International Poster Biennial 2011

Deadline: September 15, 2011

The 5th China International Poster Biennial (CIPB) will be held in October, 2011 at the West lake of Hangzhou, China. This exhibition of posters chosen from throughout the world is intended to provide a review of the current state of international poster design.

Since 2003, CIPB have been held successfully for four times. It was attended by designers and social groups from all over the world. CIPB worked as an international communication platform in the area of graphic design and design education. At the same time, it improved the progress of international graphic design.

As a high reputation educational organization of art and design, China Academy of Art devoted great efforts to organize the CIPB in the past 8 years. Nowadays, CIPB has been recognized by Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China as an official cultural communicative project, and become an important item of The West Lake EXPO in Hangzhou. As one of the best exhibitions in the field of international design, CIPB gathers the most excellent graphic designers in the world as the jury committee, for enhancing China’s and global poster design to a higher level.

- Cultural Posters
- Public campaign Posters
- Commercial Posters

There is no entry fee.


All posters must be created after 25th Jun. 2009. All posters must be printed works of offset or silk-screen. Ink-jet or hand drawing works are not qualified.


There are four awards:

- Gold Award (One piece)
- Silver Award (Two pieces)
- Bronze Award(Three pieces)
- Jury Award (Five pieces)

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