This is the most awaited moment after soporific conferences, high placed presentations, home-made presentations of varying nature. So, in the end, there is always the long-awaited buffet. Who of you never experienced as a well-deserved relief the arrival of the buffet? A table laden with all good things, or maybe just a few chips and peanuts, depending on the circumstances. Who never had to jostle in order to grab one of the last remaining sandwiches, fighting agaionst aggressive and greedy commensals? Who never tried to lure a cute girl / boy while sipping a glass of champagne? All these situations are typical for a buffet, like finding yourself embroiled in a boring conversation not knowing how to escape... The new contest of Illustration was waited like a buffet. And, as a buffet, we hope will give relief and pleasure. Also in this eighth edition people can partecipate with only one square illustration about the subject "Buffet", which should arrive before October 12th 2012. With great pleasure we announce that this year there is a significant innovation: the first prize was increased to 2000 Euros. I twill be awarded by a jury chaired by Federico Maggioni, that will also have select the 12 authors to be published on the Calendario Duemila13 as well as the 40 to be gathered in the catalog and to be exposes in the exhibition held in December 2012-January 2013 in Cremona. We look forward to receive your pictures and then we’ll set the appointment for the buffet of the exhibition!


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