Charles Perrault Graphic Award 2011


Rules & regulations Charles Perrault Graphic Award 2011

Article 1: Theme of the competition
A competition is organized by IICP (Institut International
Charles Perrault / Charles Perrault International Institute) to
reward the best illustration for a set text. This year the
theme is an extract from Le Voyage enchanté [The
Enchanted Journey] by Bruno Gay-Lussac:

“He was less interested in the origin of letters than in that
of numerals. Yet he was more captivated by words than by
figures. Although he instinctively despised ordinary
language and the thoughtless fashion in which his parents
used it, he wondered where speech had originated, since
animals could not speak; and why he, Simon, who so often
chose to keep silent, could only think with words.”

Participants are requested to offer an illustration of this
extract. The prize will be awarded in autumn 2011, in
Eaubonne (France).

Article 2: The panel
The panel will be composed of representatives of the
publishing and book illustrating professions, and will be
presided over by Candice Hayat. The prize will reward the
relevance and sensitivity of the interpretation of the set
text, as well as its graphic quality.

Article 3: Who can participate?
The competition is open to young creators who are legally
of age. The winner will receive the sum of 400 Euros and
will be helped to publicize his/her work through the
following means:
 The winning entry will be displayed on the IICP

Article 4: How to participate?
All candidates must send their entries and completed
application forms to IICP by June 20th, 2011. They are free
to choose the medium for their illustration but its size
should not exceed 72x102cm. Entries must neither be
signed nor display any sign that might allow their authors to
be identified. They must be original and must have
remained unpublished by the time the prize is awarded. In

the case of photographs or computer graphics, participants
must ensure that the best possible paper is used for
The original work (or its printed version in the case of
computer graphics) must be sent together with a
reproduction (a photo, a colour photocopy, etc.) with the
author's surname, first name, address and telephone
number) written on the back.

Article 5 : The exhibition
A selection of entries will be on display in an exhibition, and
will be kept by IICP for six months. The exhibition will be on
display on line on the IICP website. Participants
automatically agree that their entries may be reproduced in
all documents related to the competition and published by

Article 6 : Return of the work
Candidates wishing their entries to be returned to them
must specify their request in the application form, and
enclose a stamped envelope or make a 5-Euro bank transfer
on IICP’s account, in order to have their work sent back by
mail. In the absence of such means, no work shall be

Article 7: Transfer of rights
The winner will receive the award in person and give
his/her entry over to IICP. (S)he agrees that the award must
be mentioned whenever the prized entry is published,
publicized or presented. Should the rights be transferred by
the winner to a third party, (s)he will be required to
undertake the same commitment.

Article 8: The panel’s selection
No appeal can be made against the panel's decisions.
The panel may decide not to grant the award in the case no
entry is thought to meet the conditions defined above,
(articles 1 to 4). Participants submitting an entry must
unreservedly conform to the set of rules and regulations.
Failing to do so will forfeit their rights to take part in the

Please submit this application form along with your illustration by June 20th, 2011

Institut International Charles Perrault
Hôtel de Mézières, 14 avenue de l’Europe
BP 61- 95604 EAUBONNE CEDEX – France
E-mail communication.iicp@club-internet.fr

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