“Ho il mal d'estro” concorso per illustratori, fumettisti e disegnatori


“We are not born with an instinct to read as we are to eat and drink. It is a cultural need that is
instilled in us during our childhood. It is very much a subtle process and can be compared only to
the propagation of a new sense, that is to say the sense of the book and the ability to use this as a tool
in order to explore the world, conquer reality and grow”.
[Gianni Rodari, Il cane di Magonza, (The dog of Mainz)]

The Associazione Culturale Mal d’estro (Mal d’estro Cultural Association) came into
being with the Principi Attivi programme 2010 of the Regione Puglia (Apulia Regional
Government) with the intention of enhancing and promoting the culture of the illustrated
book. Now, with the Mal d’estro project, it is currently seeking new talents for the
publishing market. The competition wishes to launch an “anti-theme”: “The longing for
inspiration” inherent in everyone, to be transferred onto paper or computer in order to
give artists creative space to fill.

“I long for inspiration...”

a competition for illustrators, cartoonists and draughtsmen
Each artist (illustrator, cartoonist, draughtsman) just needs to go through his or her
drawers, dust off their work and send it in, whatever the subject may be. The only thing
that really matters is that it expresses each person’s own inspiration in an original way.
This is a contest that has its roots, like the Cultural Association itself, in Apulia, in a
little Salentino village, and above all it wants to feel that same vitality and highlight the
burning desire to communicate that same existence through the medium of image.

Regulation of the competition

art. 1
The competition is open to all illustrators, Italian or non-Italian, who are over 18 years of age.

art. 2
The competition consists of one sole section with the theme “I long for inspiration”.

art. 3
Each illustrator is required to send up to 4 (four) drawings (a cover, two illustrations, and
a maximum of 30 pages of the storyboard project) in either colour or black and white
and in either pdf format or hard copy (paper). The works need not be original and/or
unpublished however the exclusive rights/nature of the works regarding their authorship
must not be dependent on any publishing law.

art. 4
Illustrations may be sent in two ways:
a) in digital format, jpeg RGB low-resolution (for the selection phase) to
b) in hard copy (paper) format to: Associazione Culturale Mal d’estro – c/o
Minuto d’arco srl - via Cadorna 109 - 73039 Tricase (LE), the envelope must be marked
“Competition: I long for inspiration”. Items sent from abroad need to be indicated on
the envelope or on the postal documentation as being “illustrations of no commercial
value”; originals shall be returned.

art. 5
The deadline for submitting work is 30th May, 2012, proof of which shall be the postmark
and the date of receipt of the e-mail if sent via internet.

art. 6
Images must be sent together with the entry form (annex A), completed in its entirety
and accompanied by a photograph or an additional Illustration representing the author,
in jpeg format with a short side of at least 10 cm at 300 DPI for inclusion in the printed
catalogue and the communication channels of Mal d’estro.

art. 7
The jury panel will consist of experts in the field of illustration, graphics and publishing.
In particular, Anna Castagnoli, Antonietta Rosato, Giancarlo Soldi and Alberto Facchini
will be part of the technical panel.

art. 8
From among the works submitted, the best illustrator chosen shall be rewarded with
publication, in both paper and electronic format, of the project and a prize of €500 (five
hundred) as an advance on royalties. The second place runner-up shall receive a prize
of €300 (three hundred). Others mentioned shall be rewarded during the presentation
evening with a copy of the volume of works itself. The jury shall also select entries for a
group exhibition to be held on the day of the awards ceremony. The selected works are
required to be sent as a complete project in jpeg RGB format, with a short side of at least
20 cm at 300 DPI.

art. 9
In the event of publication, the Associazione Culturale Mal d’estro shall retain publishing
rights pertaining to the works for two years from the date of publication, at the end of which
the works shall be released from said rights. The authors shall be paid a royalty equal to 10%
on the cover price for revenue from any sales, to be divided in the case of different authors for
texts and images at 6% for the creator of the images and 4% for authors of text respectively.

art. 10
The Associazione Culturale Mal d’estro reserves the right to alter and/or suspend
the initiative and not to make a selection for such reasons as it may deem valid. By
participating in the competition the author thereby agrees to all the conditions in these
present regulations. The same author assumes all responsibility regarding any criminal
and/or civil liability arising from the publication of the works and frees the Associazione
Culturale Mal d’Estro of any responsibility.

art. 11
All communication regarding the competition or requests for information may be
forwarded by e-mail to info@maldestroedizioni.it or by calling mobile/cell. Associazione
+39 338 885 6894 (Alberto Facchini).

art. 12
All works submitted (or portions thereof) may be used freely, without prior notice to the
author, by the Associazione Culturale Mal d’estro, for the organisation of exhibitions, the
production of informative materials, advertising, promotional work, publishing, and on
the web for the promotion of initiatives associated with the competition. The rights of
attribution of the works remain with the authors and shall be mentioned on all occasions
in order to identify the said works, the aforementioned use by the Associazione Culturale
Mal d’estro shall be entirely free and discretionary and as such the author may not claim
any compensation or further any request or claim.

art. 13
Any dispute arising shall be heard by the competent court of Lecce.

art. 14
The data shall be treated in accordance with (Italian) Decree No. 196/03 and shall not be
disclosed to third parties.

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